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“Three Takes on a Classic Maine Style”

Schreiber, Laurie. Soundings Magazine, 15 June 2017.

It’s a sunny day in early May, and Moonshot is flying across the water. “You can drive a lobster boat, but this is a whole new ballgame!” declares Josh Gray… …She’s an example of the kind of boats that made Maine famous — that classic Down East style — but she also shows how much these boats have evolved. When her modern planing hull hits 40 knots, you realize that this is no ordinary lobster cruiser…

“Newman & Gray Launches Moonshot”

Bigler Mace, Taylor. Mount Desert Islander, 10 May 2017.

CRANBERRY ISLES — Newman & Gray Boatyard recently launched Moonshot… …Newman & Gray owners, brothers Josh and Seth Gray, said the boat is one of their most exciting projects yet, as it combines the look of a traditional Downeast lobster boat with newer technology that makes it the fastest boat to come out of the Great Cranberry Island yard…

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“Gracious Plenty and Then Some”

Burnett, Peter. Soundings , 21 June 2016.

“Life is too short to own an ugly boat.” I have been drawn to that evocative phrase since childhood. When the time came recently for me to find what will likely be my last boat, I realized that what I wanted was even more than the simple beauty this phrase conjures. I wanted to be captivated…”…My guilt over abandoning my long-held wooden-boat ideal was mitigated by the discovery of a beautiful fiberglass hull whose form was taken from the Raymond Bunker-designed plank-on-frame Irona: the Newman 36. I was immediately captivated by the boat’s sweeping sheer line, bow flare and graceful tumblehome…

“Marine Trades Sector Thriving by Blending Tradition, Innovation”

Schreiber, Laurie. Working Waterfront, 17 November 2016.

…Newman and Gray is a great example of a thriving business in the marine trades… It’s got themes variously shared with other such businesses—generational ownership, traditional craftsmanship joined with innovation, owner/operator relationships, diversification into various services…

Three Cheers for a Reborn Newman 36

Graves, Liz. Mount Desert Islander, 5 September 2015.

CRANBERRY ISLES — When the 36-foot lobster yacht Huzzah arrives at its new home in Newport later this year, it will fit right in with its teak and holly neighbors. But it also is carrying the history of its nearly 40 years as a working lobster boat in Chatham, Mass.

Venerable Skiff Mold Bought by Newman & Gray

Graves, Liz. Ellsworth American, 17 August 2013

“Passing the Torch: Next Generation Brings a new Touch to Family Run Yards”

Schreiber, Laurie. Maine Boats, Homes, & Harbors, 2009.

CRANBERRY ISLES — Newman and Gray Boatyard has added a boat and a new feature to its business. The new boat, dubbed Cadillac, will be available to carry passengers to and from the various harbors on Mount Desert Island and the outer islands…

“New Blood and a New Boat for Newman and Gray”

Ouellette, Nicole. Ellsworth American, 5 May 2009.

“Boatbuilder finds his calling back home on Great Cranberry Island”

Clifford Wood, Robin. Bangor Daily News, 5 May 2009.

GREAT CRANBERRY ISLAND, Maine — Last Friday I hopped on a boat manned by Josh Gray and his deckhand, a 7-year-old lab named Ozzie…

When he takes over ownership of his father’s boatyard this summer at age 29, it will be the culmination of a roundabout journey which began and ended on the same small island off the coast of Maine…